Advanced Placement U. S. History

Recommended Reading List

Updated July 2013

If you are as interested in history as I am and would like to learn more or simply get a different perspective on history, here is a list of books you may want to consider picking up at the library.

Mr. Masters

Wordle: AP US History

Recommended Reading List

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee The Final Days
Geronimo, His Own Story Life on the Mississippi
Freedom Road America's Concentration Camps
Buffalo Soldier When Legends Die
Confessions of Nat Turner The Light in the Forest
The Constitution Black Like Me
Decision in Philadelphia The Causes of the Civil War
The Uprooted Flowers of Hiroshima
The Strange Career of Jim Crow Seeds of Hiroshima
Uncle Tom's Cabin Inherit the Wind
The Jungle The Ugly American
Octopus Day of Infamy
The Big Change The Bridges of Toko-Ri
The Great Depression All But My Life
The New Deal The Wall
Truman Administration The Affluent Society
The Bitter Heritage North from Mexico
Making of the President Letters from Vietnam
The Other American The Strawberry Statement
The Missile Crisis A Time to Stand
The Age of Reform Travels with Charley
The American Political Tradition Presidential Government
Peculiar Institution The Bill of Rights
Guadalcanal Diary Prairie Trails and Cow Towns
The Sands of Iwo Jima Voices of New Feminism
Looking Backward All the King's Men
Short History of the Civil War Democracy in America
Vietnam, A History Lafayette
Only What We Could Carry The Standing Bear Controversy